About Us

The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) is a global network of transportation, logistics and passenger travel professionals focused on non-political education and networking between government, military, and industry professionals.


NDTA's mission is dedicated to fostering a strong, secure, and efficient global supply chain, transportation and distribution system for our military and defense community. 


NDTA of North Florida is located on Florida's First Coast in Jacksonville, one of many Military friendly cities in Florida supporting a network of over 20 Military installations, over $90 billion annual state level economic impact, and employment opportunities comprising of 900,000 plus jobs.


Our focus is to facilitate development, education, and networking opportunities for our industry, Military Members, and our next generation of supply chain and transportation leaders.  

To learn more, visit NDTA Headquarters' site or view our Fall Meeting video.


We hope you'll join us in supporting the NDTA mission.

NDTA is a Non Profit 501c3 organization. All donations are Tax Deductible.